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Virtual Discussion & Speed Networking Event

UK/EUROPE - 19 MAY 2023

“It's about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.”

AI. Technology. Risk. Compliance. aml

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Über die Veranstaltung

Die Live-Events (Diskussionsformat am runden Tisch) bringen sinnvollere Kommunikation und Business-Networking an den Tisch. General Counsel auf höchster Ebene, Leiter der Rechts-/IP-Abteilungen und Partner von Anwaltskanzleien diskutieren die operativen Herausforderungen in der Covid-19-Ära, lernen von Kollegen und erwarten auch die Lösungen mit den ausgewählten Dienstleistern.
Conference Crowd

Key Speakers

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12 PM to 1:30 PM

London Time

Virtual Round Table Discussion & Q&A Session

  • Opening Remarks

  • One-on-One Introduction: Let the industry know you and your expertise 

  • Share your experiences on mentioned topic, operation challenges and expected solutions required 

  • Q&A

Discussion Topic & Details-

As Risks Rise and Budgets Fall How Automation Can Step in and Bridge the Gap 

  • Now more than ever, lawyers are asking not just whether they can (legally) engage with an entity, but whether they should (ethically). But how can we answer this nuanced question without overwhelming our compliance teams and slowing down the onboarding process? 

  • How do the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Cloud Computing address this need?

    • What are the opportunities with this?

    • What are the limitations?

  • What is the future for tech-enabled compliance departments?

01:30 PM – 01:35 PM London Time

Closing Remarks & Thank You Note

Virtual Round Table Discussions

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Sponsoren: Globale Veranstaltungen


Sponsoren: Globale Veranstaltungen


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