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Virtuelle Live-Diskussion und Speed-Networking-Event


„Es geht darum, Menschen mit Menschen, Menschen mit Ideen und Menschen mit Möglichkeiten zu verbinden.“

Litigation. E-discovery. Contracts Management. Document Management. Data Privacy. Cyber Security. Risk. Compliance. Governance. Regulatory Affairs. Arbitration. Dispute Management. Forensics Investigations. Fraud & Corruption. White-Collar Crime. M&A. Legal Translation. Cloud Computing. Blockchain. AI. Legal Technology.

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Über die Veranstaltung

Die Live-Events (Diskussionsformat am runden Tisch) bringen sinnvollere Kommunikation und Business-Networking an den Tisch. General Counsel auf höchster Ebene, Leiter der Rechts-/IP-Abteilungen und Partner von Anwaltskanzleien diskutieren die operativen Herausforderungen in der Covid-19-Ära, lernen von Kollegen und erwarten auch die Lösungen mit den ausgewählten Dienstleistern.
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Key Speakers

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12 PM to 1:30 PM IST

Virtual Round Table Discussion & Q&A Session

  • Opening Remarks

  • One-on-One Introduction: Let the industry know you and your expertise 

  • Share your experiences on mentioned topic, operation challenges and expected solutions required 

  • Q&A

Discussion Topic & Details-

The Future of Legal Tech: Where is the Industry Headed? How can You Stay Ahead of the Curve with the Right Tech? 

  • Current trends in legal tech: What are the most promising and disruptive technologies that are changing the legal industry today? How are they being used by in-house legal departments?

  • The impact of AI and machine learning: How are advances in AI and machine learning affecting the practice of law? What are the ethical implications of using these technologies in legal work, and how can they be addressed?

  • The rise of legal operations: What is legal operations, and how is it transforming the business of law? What are the key skills and competencies that legal professionals need to develop to be successful in this new environment?

  • Staying ahead of the curve: What can legal professionals do to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry? What resources are available for learning about new technologies and best practices?

  • The future of legal tech: What does the future hold for legal technology? What new innovations are on the horizon, and how will they shape the practice of law in the years to come?

01:30 PM – 01:35 PM IST

Closing Remarks & Thank You Note

Virtual Round Table Discussions

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Sponsoren: Globale Veranstaltungen


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