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We organize Agendas for Legal and IP practitioners to have professionals brainstorming for bringing out along with discussions on Global perspectives and the future of Legal and IP industries.


An effective real-time conversation platform for Legal and IP professionals across the globe. As a result, large numbers of people can participate and engage in bringing out better industry strategies.

Private 1:1 meetings

1:1 meetings are organized between potential vendors and buyers to get the gists of their services including the scope of business. This helps to provide direct business and networking opportunities.


Exhibitions have been organized for many years in E4S, it displays the legal tech services, and the latest tech-based solution for legal practices.

Private Business Meetings

An opportunity to brand your services and product with the potential buyer. To explore the business of each other and invest in the right things.

Virtual Round Table Discussions

We have organized a live round table between senior professionals to discuss various legal-related topics, legal markets, and businesses at one table.


Tokens of appreciation are given to the most passionate and senior participants. The inspiring stories of their contributions are recognized and cherished.

Cocktails Meetings

A great opportunity to network informally. Grow businesses and build trust with your potential clients.

Private Luncheons

A great way to connect over lunch and have formal meetings with clients accompanying varieties of tastes and thoughts at one gathering.

Business Exchange Meetings

One-on-one meetings to network and share short precise information with maximum clients in a very small period.

Investors Pitch

An investor pitch is a process of directly approaching an investor so that the best ideas and potentials can be showcased according to the feasibility of the project.

Event Management


With innovative ideas, advanced planning, and adaptable designing we have specialized in executing such events.

Lawyer in Lobby
  • Event Conceptualization

  • Content Writing including Event Agenda Programs

  • R/D for Industry & Competition Analysis

  • Website Management

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Speakers Acquisition

  • Delegates Acquisition

  • Sponsors & Exhibitors Acquisition

  • Membership Promotions

  • Data Development and Management

  • Lead Generation Support Services

  • Hosting Virtual Events including Webinars, Conferences, and Round Tables

  • Registrations Management and Engagement

  • Attendance Management

  • Event Software and Apps Management

  • Virtual Event Execution

  • In-person Event Onsite Execution

  • Venue Booking

  • Logistics, Travel, and Hotel Management

  • Post Event Follow ups and Engagement

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